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Top Walt Disney World Tips for Traveling with Kids
1. Be Flexible

The single most important thing you can do to have a successful Walt Disney World trip with preschoolers is to have a plan and then be willing to deviate from it. When the kids get hot, tired, or over-stimulated, slow down the pace of your touring, have a snack, or take a break in your hotel room.


Walt Disney World ticket holders may take advantage of FASTPASS+, a means of bypassing the standby line for a much shorter FASTPASS+ queue. Using FASTPASS+ can dramatically decrease the time you spend in line and increase the number of attractions your family will enjoy.

3. Start Early

It’s important to know that crowds are lighter when the parks first open, and during the warmer times of the year the weather is more hospitable early in the day. Get an early start to minimize the amount of time you spend on lines. When the crowds become heavier and the weather warmer, take a break and return to your hotel for a swim and a nap.

4. Use a Stroller

Visiting Disney World is not like a typical day at your park or local zoo. Chances are you’ll be out of your hotel room for hours at a time and your family will put in mile after mile at the theme park and at your resort. Even the most energetic four- or five-year old who would never consider sitting in a stroller at home will likely be asking for one by mid-day.

5. Make Advance Dining Reservations (ADR)

With the many table-service restaurants in Walt Disney World, it’s difficult to imagine not getting a seat at the restaurant of your choice. However, this routinely happens with the large crowds visiting the resort. It is best to make your ADRs, guaranteeing a table, well in advance of your trip by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

6. Don't Force the Issue

Preschoolers are a funny bunch. They sometimes have difficulty communicating a fear or just plain discomfort with a ride or situation. If they resist a particular attraction, don’t force the issue; it’s easier to find a ride they do enjoy than having to coax them on future rides if they have a “bad” experience.

About Beyond the Attractions

Welcome to Beyond the Attractions.

As Walt Disney World veterans, my husband and I thought we knew everything there was to know about planning the perfect Disney World vacation; we realized how much we didn’t know when we began planning our first Walt Disney World trip with our then-toddler. We needed to look at our favorite vacation destination through new eyes – the eyes of a parent. Suddenly, we wondered which attractions would scare our child; how we would handle potty-training; which character meals our little boy would most enjoy; what to do if rides weren’t his thing; and more.

I researched the most preschooler-friendly attractions, recreation, dining, and services but it took a long time – a very long time. There are many excellent and very comprehensive Disney resources available but I did not find one that specifically addressed the unique needs and interests of small children, ages 2-5. I realized that the guide I put together for my family would be helpful to other families with young children. Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers was born.

From our family to yours – Happy Vacationing!

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